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S.J. Fore


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** Bio **


S.J. Fore is the author of the picture books,
Tiger Can't Sleep and Read to Tiger.
She lives and writes in Tennessee . . .
     . . . and sometimes can be found
                        in other places. :-)                 
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
A Bit More About Me ~
Soon after I learned to read, my assignment at school was to write a book . . . or rather, write down
the words of someone else's book.  The book was Corduroy by Don Freeman.  Slowly and carefully
I "wrote" Corduroy . . . word by word, page by page.  When I finished, my teacher helped tie
all of the pages together to make a book.  I knew I hadn't actually written the book, but to my
young mind, in a magical way, it almost felt as if I had.  
Many, many, many years later, I "made" my first real book (and this time I actually wrote
it!).  :-)  After lots of hard work and a dash of good luck . . . and thanks to my wonderful editor
and everyone at Viking Children's Books, my book Tiger Can't Sleep was published!  And by
fun coincidence my publisher was Viking, the same one that published Corduroy!
Then along came another TIGER book!