S.J. Fore


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by S.J. Fore
illustrated by R.W. Alley
Viking Children's Books

 A cozy couch and a favorite book . . .
What more could a kid want.
Until . . .

Chomp! Chomp!

How can anyone enjoy a book
when there's a
behind the couch?

It starts to seem
like there's no way
a playful tiger
who wants company
and a little boy who just wants
to read his book in peace can both
be happy . . .

. . . until they discover
the perfect solution. . . .

From Kirkus Reviews ~

"There are plenty of sound effects ready-made for enthusiastic audience participation--CHOMP, Grrrrr, Hiii-YAAAAA, Choo-Choo-Choo--in storytime and repeated readings, while the "turn-the-tables" device will be sure to cause giggles... And the message? Catch a tiger by the tale!"

From School Library Journal ~
“Fore and Alley play with sound effects and comic expressions, which will please a read-aloud audience....” 

by S.J. Fore
illustrated by R.W. Alley
Viking Children's Books

In his dark, quiet room,
a little kid is trying
to go to sleep.  But . . .

Crunch! Crunch! CRUNCH!
Ker-thump! Ker-thump!

In the closet is a tigera very
inventive and very loud tiger
and Tiger can't sleep.

And when Tiger can't sleep,
no one can sleep.

Squirmy kids will happily
recognize themselves in sweet,
ingenuous Tiger, while the little
boy's growing exasperation
will be equally familiar to parents.

But what if scolding
Tiger isn't the solution at all . . .

From Kirkus Reviews ~
"Both Fore and Alley have masterfully created an atmosphere completely absent of the normal
childhood fear of "something" in the closet. Indeed, readers may actually find themselves wishing
for a tiger of their own."

from Publishers Weekly ~
"Readers of all ages will delight in the role changes and comic situations that make this book
so appealing, not to mention its subtle lesson of empathy."

from Booklist ~
"In both words and pictures, the boy's demeanor will go a long way toward reassuring preschoolers
with baseless night fright that they can handle whatever oddities their closets may hold. Fun for
reading aloud, by daylight or night-light."

From School Library Journal ~
"With lots of fun sound effects and multiple opportunities for voice modulation, this book begs
to be read aloud . . ."